The Center for Battlefield Innovation (CBI) is part of the High Performance Computing Collaboratory at Mississippi State University. CBI develops cutting-edge solutions for the nation’s armed forces, Department of Homeland Security and Intelligence Community. The primary focus of the CBI is to develop, prototype, and deliver cutting-edge technology and operational solutions that support global national security, homeland security and peacekeeping operations.


The Mississippi State University Center for Battlefield Innovation will be a national leader and international provider of sustainable technological solutions for integrated operations and peacekeeping operations throughout the world, as well as, an economic development generator by producing technological solutions with commercial applications.


The Center for Battlefield Innovation (CBI) mission is to serve as the focal point for academic, government, and commercial resources to pursue technologies, apply unbiased expertise, provide rapid and relevant solutions, and integrate these solutions into applications and products. CBI will develop, prototype, and deliver cutting-edge technological and operational solutions to complex problems for U.S. Government, scientific community, and commercial (domestic and international) customers.


CBI is a sustainable solution provider for complex problems by leveraging technology and ideas from across government, commercial and academia. CBI has discreet relationships within the Federal Government, Defense Department and Intelligence Community which allows CBI to be a solution provider of choice. As a facilitator, CBI engages select industry partners and academia partners to establish results-oriented teams with discrete capabilities.

CBI creates, develops, and manage facilities, programs, and projects that are based on customer needs, balanced with the potential to leverage the solution for a commercial solution variant. The CBI capitalizes on Mississippi State University’s world class strengths in unmanned aerial systems, advanced composites, vehicular engineering, motion imagery analysis and hyperspectral image processing to provide top notch solutions to our warfighters and their industry partners. Located at one of only seven universities in the country with every academic accreditation awarded by the National Security Agency, the CBI can deliver secure cyber solutions for both offensive and defensive cyber operations. CBI is supported by one of the fastest high performance computers in the country, which can render a real time 3D virtual reality environment using VERTEX (Virtual Environment for Real Time Exploration) for war gaming and operational simulations via 60 gigabytes of connectivity. MSU’s Secure Compartmented Intelligence Facility will be operational on campus in Spring 2014, allowing the CBI to work collateral and special compartmented intelligence solutions for government and industry.

CBI is committed to providing world class analysis and engineering services and solutions. The ability to test concepts and validate through demonstrations leveraging Test and Evaluation (T&E) capabilities is critical to CBI’s success. The T&E capabilities support Title 10 Acquisition, Service Operational Test Agencies (OTA), Combatant Commands (COCOM), Non-Title 10 Acquisition, DOD Staff Agencies, Intelligence Community, FAA, NASA, DHS, etc. T&E capabilities include:
  • Software & Systems Engineering
  • Design & Test Engineering
  • Developmental Testing
  • Operational Testing
  • Military Operations
  • High Performance Computing
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Operations Research & Technical Analysis

Principle Points of Contact

Dr. Drew Hamilton
Center for Battlefield Innovation, Director
Office: 662-325-3570

Dr. Leonard J. Pick
Center for Battlefield Innovation, Associate Director
Mobile: 703-789-7327